Rest In Peace, Carol Crosson

“Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life.” – John 5:24 NIV

Carol Crosson, JD

Barrister and Solicitor
Founder of Freedoms Advocate
May 17, 1963 – January 17, 2023

Dear readers and fellow fighters for freedom,

This is Randy Crosson, Carol’s husband.

It is with a shattered heart that I inform you of Carol’s passing. It was sudden and completely unexpected. Carol fought cancer for the past 11 years and she was in remission but what escaped us was a rapidly growing tumour that had formed in her brain. She passed away Tuesday January 17th.

Here is a link to her obituary and details of the memorial service which was held on Feb. 3rd at 2pm.

Carol and I began working on registering a charity about seven years ago and, due to the nature of the charity, found it to be challenging. As you all know, Freedoms Advocate was launched a few years ago and all of you were instrumental in making it a success. I sincerely want to thank all of you for your commitment to support her work and the work of the charity.

Carol and her co-counsels have a very high win rate as she spent hours poring over cases to find exactly what was needed to challenge government and ensure we saw positive precedents set across Canada.

Carol and I spent the last six months planning a growth strategy for the charity to increase our impact on all that has been going on to challenge our Charter rights and freedoms.


Our strategy includes hiring additional lawyers to immerse them in this area of law (Constitutional Law) and ensure our win rate stays high. That process is continuing. Carol has created a tremendous body of work that will be a primary training tool to initiate new lawyers into the practice.

Our second plan is to create a volunteer network to allow Canadians to get involved with our charity’s work and give them the opportunity to do more than just talk about it and hope someone does something. We’re calling it The Watch and it will be a network of like-minded people across this country that will keep watch on government abuse and be the boots on the ground fighting for our rights and freedoms.

Our Family

As you can appreciate, there are many things to finalize after my Carol’s passing. This was completely unexpected, and I was completely unprepared for this kind of pain. When you lose someone, someone you’ve spent 40 years with, raised a family and worked together on building a vision for the future, the hole is large and the emptiness difficult to manage. I am very fortunate to have my entire family close by me right now as we all grieve together.

Again, thank you all for your support and encouragement to Carol, she treasured all of you.

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As I mentioned, this work will continue. Carol created a body of work that is unprecedented. She won case after case and created a methodology in her approach to the practice of Constitutional law. As the Executive Director of Freedoms Advocate, I am committed to carrying everything my Carol has created forward. All that she and I planned for the coming years will be acted upon, and we are trusting that you, our faithful donors, are wanting to join us in this effort.

One of the most exciting aspects will be the creation of The Watch, our volunteer network. This will be the first time average citizens can play an active role in ensuring our Charter rights and freedoms are secure and, in areas where government tramples them, fought for.

There were many nights my Carol would wake up in the middle of the night weeping as she thought of those she was fighting for, the suffering they were living through. Those nights of anguish drove her to fight hard and smart. This is the heart of our work, fighting for those people of principle, heroes, who in the face of their own fears have chosen to stand for all of us to ensure our rights and freedoms are secure.

Additional to cases, Carol supported over 8,800 individuals and groups, helping them deal with local abuses and seeing that corrections were made by government institutions to stop the Charter infringement.

The moral and ethical fabric of our land is held together by those rights and freedoms. There is a balance that must be maintained, for without it, there is a natural slide into abuse and tyranny.

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Randy Crosson

Executive Director