Defending People Of Principle

Freedoms Advocate is a registered charity that provides legal representation and defence for people of principle, who despite their own fears, chose to stand up against government to protect the rights and freedoms of all Canadians.

Who We Are

Freedoms Advocate is a registered charitable organization based in Alberta, Canada. We provide tax receipts for all donations.


The generous support of our donors allows us to fund legal cases at all levels of government, across all of Canada, where people of principle must stand up for their rights and freedoms from increasingly authoritarian policies and legislation.

What We Do

Freedoms Advocate represents and defends people of principle against government authorities who would threaten the liberty and constitutional freedoms of Canadians.

How It Works

Find out how to submit your case for legal consideration and if it falls within our guidelines and mandate.

Our values

We value integrity, freedom of religion and belief, thought and expression, association and assembly, a free press, democracy, life, liberty, security, and strong families. We are Canadian.