How It Works

How It Works

Submit your legal case for funding consideration

As a charitable organization, Freedoms Advocate is only able to provide financial support for a select number of cases each year. To have your case considered, send us an email with your full name, address, province, and a brief description (maximum one page please) of the issue you are having with your legal matter. 

We are unable to help individuals who have already retained legal counsel.

We cannot assist with criminal cases, family law, wills and estate matters, civil litigation or any other matter that does not relate to constitutional freedoms.

If you are represented by a union, we are likely unable to assist you. 

Your submission of a case will be kept confidential but does not create a solicitor-client privilege or relationship.

How we select cases for funding

Our management executive, in consultation with legal experts in our network, select and approve cases for funding based on our values of integrity, freedom of religion and belief, thought and expression, association and assembly, a free press, democracy, and life, liberty, and security. We value strong families, parental decision making in education, autonomy and mobility rights.

We take cases with a strong likelihood of success, solid facts, which fit within our mandate and are likely to set winning legal precedent.

Please complete this form to See if you Qualify for Legal Help from Freedoms Advocate.