Regina Civic Awareness and Action Network (RCAAN)

Freedoms Advocate is providing support to a proposed intervenor, RCAAN, as they seek to intervene in a constitutional challenge brought against the Saskatchewan Government by UR Pride Centre for Sexuality and Gender Diversity (“UR Pride”).

RCAAN believes the best protection for children is within a family setting where parents are involved in all important decisions regarding their children. RCAAN seeks to uphold the best interests of children through their unique support for parental and family rights, including in the context of religious freedom and children with disabilities.

January 4, 2024 Update

Since RCAAN brought its court proceedings, the Saskatchewan Government implemented a new law paralleling its original education policy of August 2023. The new law provides that parents of children under 16 years of age must consent to any change of a student’s pronouns. That new law states that it operates notwithstanding certain Charter and civil rights. UR Pride is seeking to get around the notwithstanding provision and has raised a new argument. They allege the law violates section 12 of the Charter claiming it subjects children to “cruel and unusual punishment.” 


Saskatchewan is opposing the challenge and is requesting that the lawsuit be dismissed. A two-day hearing on the matter is scheduled for January 10 and 11, 2024. 

Further updates will follow. 

Legal Documents

1) RCAAN Notice of Application

2) Affidavit of Wayne L. Bernakevitch